Meet our team

The team have a breadth of experience, ranging from history and academia, gaming, and pharmaceutical policy. We came together because we’re all driven to address health inequalities through improving inclusion in research.

Annette Crosse (she/her)

Annette Crosse (she/her)


Annette is CEO / Founder of Egality, she founded the company in 2020 to connect community organisations with the health and life sciences sector.  The aim was, and still is, to bring together the wealth of experience from both sectors, and deliver innovative projects that expand the impact of the health and life sciences sector to those who need it most.    

Annette was previously a policy and public affairs consultant where she worked with UK and global pharmaceutical companies to shape policies, improve health systems, and increase patient access.  This included a secondment in the UK government affairs team at a top ten pharmaceutical company.  

Alongside this she was Chair of the Board for the Social Action for Health charity, a grass-roots organisation empowering people and communities to live healthier lives in north east London.  Annette saw the charity through two successful restructures, and experienced first-hand the amazing work these organisations do, and the insurmountable challenges they face in the current environment.  

Annette founded Egality to combine her experience in both roles. She is passionate about connecting experts across different communities and sectors to tackle the big challenges today on health inequalities and inclusion in research. 

Ria Sunga, PhD (she/her)

Ria Sunga, PhD (she/her)

Head of Research and Community Engagement

Ria has worked in the third sector for several years, in both the UK and Philippines. In the UK, she worked in the management team of a London-based charity focused on supporting East and Southeast Asian migrants. During her doctoral studies at the University of Manchester, she was one of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion representatives. Ria also designed several public engagement activities related to her doctoral research on refugee history.

 As Head of Research and Community Engagement, Ria has managed several projects with Egality’s academic and medical research charity partners. One example is Collaboration for Change, which comprised of a team of over 10 third sector and academic partners. She has also co-designed workshops for the Charities Research Involvement Group (CRIG) and National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to support researchers who want to improve diverse ethnic representation in their projects.

Ria joined Egality as she is passionate about amplifying the voices of people under-represented in research broadly, and ensuring that important research reaches those most impacted by conditions.

Amber Turnbull (they/them)

Amber Turnbull (they/them)

Social Media and Community Engagement Executive

Amber is Egality’s Social Media and Community Engagement Executive. They joined after completing a degree in game design, which highlighted the important role and supportive nature of online communities.   Amber is still an active gamer and member of different online communities.  

Amber held a previous role in a start-up where they focused on developing their marketing and website functions.  Since joining Egality, Amber has been building the social media following and expanding Egality’s network of community organisations.  This includes leading a series of focus groups with the LGBTQ+ community to understand barriers to being involved in research.  Alongside this Amber manages Egality’s projects, for example the Sano Genetics campaign, where they worked with five community organisations to deliver a campaign on being involved in genetic research.  

Amber joined Egality because they are a vocal member and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and believe in inclusivity in health for all marginalised communities. 

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