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Principles of engagement

Principles of engagement PDF

Egality and our Advisory Board co-developed these principles. They are a guide to any organisation working with community organisations to conduct health research.  The principles set out best practice to ensure fair and effective collaboration between community organisations and the health and life science sector.  Community organisations in our network have placed their logos on this document as a symbol of their support. 

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Join our call for higher standards when working with community organisations in health research. If you’re a community organisation you can show your support by attaching a png version of your logo for the Principles, or emailing

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Charity Research Involvement Group (CRIG) and Egality 


Talking about involvement in research: How can we do this in an accessible way to ensure we encourage a range of people to get involved?

Short guide summarising discussions with community organisations and CRIG members on how to increase the diversity of people involved in research.    

Improving Diversity in Health Research and Trials, A Conversation with Medical Research Charities

Report summarising focus groups Egality held with 17 medical research charities. Includes recommendations and resources for anyone who wants to improve research diversity.

Experiences of health research – A discussion with LGBTQ+ community organisations

A write-up of discussions with three LGBTQ+ community organisations, exploring community experiences of taking part in health research and engaging with the health sector.

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