Collaboration for change
Co-produced report to improve vaccine uptake


Collaboration for Change represents two UK universities, nine community organisations and two small and medium size enterprises (including Egality), who, in a collective effort, conducted research and produced a report on how to improve vaccine uptake among ethnic minority groups.  The co-produced study combined a systematic evidence review with the lived experience of communities to provide practical and true to life recommendations. 

Watch the film below or visit the Collaboration For Change website for more information. 


  • 7 countries picked up the report 
  • 200+ visits to the site 
  • 2 features in BBC Scotland 
  • 1 meeting with Maggie Throup MP, Vaccines Minister to discuss the report and next steps
The Collaboration for Change project provided important insights into the factors affecting COVID-19 vaccine uptake among ethnic minority groups, and on strategies that could be expected to increase uptake.  But how the project was done was as important and Egality Health were at the centre of that new way of working.  Our community organisation partners were at the heart of all project decisions and discussions and it is their views, not the academics, that are reflected in the results.  It is the community voice that gives the results their credibility. This way of working would not have been possible with the community links that Egality brought, and the trusted partner role Egality played.  In short, the project would not have been possible without Egality.
Shaun Treweek
Professor of Health Services Research, Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen

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